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Oct 28, 2012

Click a Pic photography 2012 contest results

Rotary Club of Pondicherry Beach Town in association with the Pondicherry Tourism Department, conducted the ‘Click a pic – Photography Contest 2012' on 3 topics.

They are:
  1. Surf and Sands of Puducherry
  2. Puducherry – A Spiritual Paradise
  3. Village Life In & Around Puducherry 

Surf and Sands of Puducherry
  1. Ritheesh Kumar
  2. Rajaram Ramalingam
  3. Arvind Akki
Puducherry – A Spiritual Paradise
  1. Prakash
  2. Arvind Akki
  3. Raguveer
Village Life In & Around Puducherry
  1. Seetha Spatta
  2. Muhamad Musthappa
  3. Thamizh Arima

Winners have been recognized by giving prizes at Lycee Francais de Pondicherry. Click a Pic competition received around 300 photos. It has been exhibited at Lycee Francais de Pondicherry on 27 and 28th Novemeber 2012.


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