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FAQ - Pondicherry Tourism

Here is a list of commonly asked questions regarding Pondicherry / Puducherry Tourism. Regularly I get queries / questions to my email id - Here I have compiled the top queries which I have got. I think this will be useful for my visitors.

Queries are welcome -

Does this blog has official link with Pondicherry Tourism?
No, this is not an official Pondihcerry Tourism blog / website. This blog doesn't have any link with Pondicherry Tourism. This is purely a personal blog about Pondihcerry Tourism, news, events, etc... on my own interest.

Is there online booking for PRTC bus to Chennai, Bangalore, Thirupathi, Yanam ?
PRTC doesn't have online booking system. But it has advance booking system which needs to be done in PRTC counter which is inside Bus stand