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Oct 9, 2012

Online booking for Pondicherry Balaji Theater

Balaji Theater in Pondicherry is the one and only 70MM Theater with Qube DTS. Balaji Theater also goes for online booking as like other theatres (Raja Theatre, Big Cinemas, Rathnaa Theatre, Murugaa Theatre). Balaji Theater planned to start online booking with Maatran movie, but to due to some reason, they were not able to do it. Now they start online booking facility from today (12-11-12) has Diwali special with the movie Podaa Podi. For booking tickets online in Balaji Theater visit

If you have any doubts on how to book tickets online for Balaji Theatre, Pondicherry. Visit this link


Anonymous said...

Hi, We People of Pondicherry need ONLINE RESERVATION FACILITY. Also please "CHANGE OLD SEATS" and "Renovate" "NEW SITTING SEATS" like RATNAA THEATER and BIG CINEMAS THEATER. At least we need facility in sitting NEW SEATS for BALCONY,FIRST CLASS and BOX.

Vikram Babu

Muhammad Amjad said...

Its a best way for every tourists and they get confirmation very easily by online tourism authority.

Abu Dhabi Tourism

Anonymous said...

what about Krish3 ?

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