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Nov 28, 2007



Pondicherry Tourism and Transport Development Corporation, better known as PTTDC, has developed various projects for tourists in and around Pondicherry. The PTTDC offers tour packages, beach resorts, water sports at Chunnambar and much more. PTTDC also provides accommodation and catering services with its restaurants/bar. Numerous bus services are also provided by the PTTDC.
Heritage is one of the most precious gifts Pondicherry has to offer to its tourists and visitors. The impressive French colonial buildings still charm the streets and recall memories of a bygone era; the Tamil streets, each named after a community, vibrate with cultural traditions. The atmosphere of the town is charming, traditional and open without pretence. Pondicherry's ambience is not influenced or dominated by one fabulous heritage monument or by amazing natural surrounding, except perhaps the sea. Pondicherry itself is "heritage", as a town and as a conglomerate of different cultural influences. These influences find expression in its architecture and streetscapes, in its people and visitors, and in a subtle feeling which is peculiarly "Pondy".

There is not only much to see in and around Pondicherry, but one can also use Pondicherry as a base for day trips and overnight journeys. Many tour operators also arrange tours to many South Indian destinations around Pondicherry. Pondicherry also offers a variety of local transports from buses to pedalled rickshaws to bicycles that are available on rent. One can see the town on one's preferred mode of transport.


"Seagulls", the multicuisine restaurant cum bar is a stone's throw from the backwater. It specialises in Chinese and Tandoori food. The restaurant too has a view of the backwaters. It is an ideal setting for a theme party or an offbeat get-together. It also serves food in the huts just outside the restaurant. You can also order a picnic lunch to the beach and you shall be served there in style.

Here accommodation is available on the three tree top houses that offer you the bliss of ecotourism. You can either read a novel, paint, listen to music, meditate or even stay overnight, all on the top of a tree! 'Sunrise Panorama' (a two storey tree top house) gives you an unrestricted view of the backwater up to its mouth. 'Palm house' on the other hand overlooks the artificial pond and the park. 'Nest bird' is the perfect abode for the adventure loving folks, it has a rope ladder that leads to a small balcony. All in a tree house!


Welcome aboard the 'Sea Queen'. A luxury boat that seats 25. With well-appointed rooms, toilets and kitchen. It offers an excellent menu on board. 'Sea Queen' does not go out during heavy monsoons - November and December.

Cruise rates

Two hours cruise per person: Rs.100; Group hire for two hours: Rs.1,200; Four hours cruise per person: Rs.200; Group hire for four hours: Rs.2,400.
Note:Working hours: 7:00hrs to 18:00hrs. Night cruise not allowed.

Deep sea fishing

What's more, wild game enthusiasts can even hire a 30-feet mechanised boat for deep sea fishing.
Rates: Half day (6 hrs.): Rs.1,500. Full day (12 hrs): Rs.2,500.
Note:Working hours: 7:00hrs to 18:00hrs. Night cruise not allowed.

Arikamedu cruise

Another favourite sport of the tourist is the river cruise to Arikamedu - from where the ancient Roman articles were dug out.
Rates: Per person : Rs.20. Group hire: Rs.120.


Tourism Information Counter, 40 Goubert Avenue, Pondicherry.
Tel: 0413 - 339497, 330532
Or Seagulls Restaurant, No.19 Dumas Street, Pondicherry. Tel: 0413 - 338643
Or Seagulls Backwater Resort, Cuddalore Road, Chunnambar, Pondicherry. Tel: 0413 - 356816

Celebrate togetherness in the enchanting surroundings of Chunnambar.
This package does not miss out on other Pondy attractions either. With sightseeing tours thrown in. And the option of lodging in tree houses.
Rate: Rs.250 per person subject to a minimum of ten persons per boat.

Available only during moonlit days.

Bookings: Tourism Information Counter, 40 Goubert Avenue, Pondicherry.
Tel: 0413 - 339497, 330532
Or Seagulls Backwater Resort, Cuddalore Road, Chunnambar, Pondicherry. Tel: 0413 - 356816

For more information contact us at:
Tourism Information Centre
40 Goubert Avenue,
Pondicherry 605001, India.
Telephone:(+91-413) 339495, 334575
Fax:(+91-413) 358389


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Auroville is a small township near Pondicherry. Located in the district of Vilippuram in the Tamil Nadu State this was the infant of Mirra Alfassa who found this in the year 1968. She is today called the “mother” here in Puducherrry. Roger Anger an architect designed it and it was built to be known as a town for the entire world. People of all caste, creed, harmony and nationalities were allowed here. The whole idea of building this town was to promote unity. Auroville means the City Of Dawn.
Pondicherry attractions

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