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Dec 28, 2011

Thane cyclone in Pondicherry

Latest Update:

29-12-2011: Tomorrow (30-12-2011) schools will be closed due to Thane cyclone.

28-12-2011: Thane Cyclone Storm gets closer to Pondicherry. From today (28-12-2011) night we can expect heavy rain.

Thane cyclone photos taken in Pondicherry Beach on 28th Decemeber 2011


Anonymous said...

Good Thane cyclone pictures.

Pudhuvai Ganesh said...

Pondicherry govt. has announced holiday for schools and colleges tomorrow (30-12-2011)

Neha said...

I am safe in Goa I pray that god will the people there and the life of all be saved and secure. God Do not bring such to our state or anywhereelse. Praise the Lord.

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