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Mar 18, 2009

Pondicherry to Bangalore Train

Pondicherry to Bangalore Train

On weekly basis, a train has been operated to Bangalore from Pondicherry (Puducherry) on Saturday night at 10.00 PM which arrives at Bangalore at 8.25 AM

Train Name: Yesvantpur Express
Train Number: 2256
Fare: Rs. 381 (AC 3-tier)
Departure Time: 10:00PM
Arrival Time: 08:25AM
Journey Time: 10 hrs 25 min

Routes: Pondicherry/PDY (10.00 PM), Villupuram Junction/VM (10.35 PM), Vriddhachalam Junction/VRI (11.35 PM), Chinna Salem/CHSM (12.48PM), Attur/ATU (1.28 AM), Salem Junction/SA (2.50 AM), Dharmapuri/DPJ (4.30 PM), Hosur/HSRA (6.02 AM), Banaswadi/BAND (7.20 AM), Yesvantpur Junction/YPR (8.25 AM)


Vinod said...

HOw to do online reservations for this train, there is no details available on the

Ragothaman said...

Will this train be re routed through villupuram - tiruvannamalai - katpadi - Jolarpet - bangarupet-bangalore once the tiruvannamalai route is okayed

this will reduce time and distance

aaaa said...

Pls check on saturdays only

Maddy said...

THis train is useless..because..the train from bangalore to pondi is on friday..and its quite common that people want to return on sunday...Whats the point of a train on saturday..i Hate this.

Unknown said...

There is no point in running this train between Bangalore - Puducherry through Dharmapuri Salem instead it should be run through Jolarpet katpadi Tiruvannamalai and Villupuram. This will drastically reduce time and distance

VGan2503 said...

Is there any trains between cuddalore port and bangalore .

ஷங்கர் said...

moreover a train may be introduced on daily basis so that it will be helpful for common people and also for office goers if it starts at 4.30 p m at pondy it cannot solve anything for common people so the time may be changed for 5.00 p m on daily basis and the same train may made as express with limited stopings

ஷங்கர் said...

There is no meaning in running this train thro vriddachalam the route may be changed to thriukoilur, thiruvannamalai, katpadi, jolarpet and bangalore so that the running hours may be reduced

Anonymous said...

The Train 2256 has been renumbered as 12256 w.e.f. 20/12/2010.

durairaj said...

The newly extended train from dadar - yeshwantpur may run upto pondy via jolarpet, katpadi, thirukoilur from Oct15.. But still this train also has 2 problems.. Passengers cannot reach Bangalore junction, instead Yeshwantpur which is some 10 km away from Bangalore. Second problem is this newly extended train will run only on monday, tuesday and wednesday. ie., weekend commuters and daily wages in Bangalore will not be benifited.

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